Happy March!! Only a couple more weeks and you're finished with CI 579 - wow that was quick.
FYI - I've added a due date for the peer reviews of the Compare/Contrast assignment. You'll have a week to watch and review 5. The directions are on the C/C assignment page.


Hi everyone, I hope you're having fun and being adventurous!
Please make sure that all your citations and references are written in APA 6th edition ... yes, for some of you that means figuring out a new style. Besides the APA manual there are many online resources. Here are a couple:
See some of you tonight.


Great session last night, lots of cool Web 2.0 tools and resources. If you weren't with us, check out the recording.

For those of you interested in 1:1 initiatives, here's a new resource: http://newbay.ebookhost.net/k12/intel/5/index.php. It's also in our CI579 Diigo group ... and I Tweeted it.


Happy February everyone!! One of the tasks that some of you still need to complete is joining the class Diigo group. You will find the instructions here: http://ci579sp12.wikispaces.com/Diigo+Instructions. As soon as I get your request to join, I'll add you to the group. That way you can save your annotated websites to the group.


Note the change in the syllabus. The Web Literacy Lesson was not included in the points, so I reduced the PLN by 10 and assigned those points to the WLL. See some of you tonight!!


Audio welcome to Week 3


As promised, here's the link to the recordings of the 8th TEC Conference, "Cultural Diversity in a Digital World":

As our world shrinks and flattens, it is important that we know how other cultures are using, applying, and educating with technology. Feel free to include your reflections on any of these sessions in your next blog or Reflection.


Hi everyone,
I hope this finds you well into creating your PLN. As Michelle said in a response to one of the Community Questions, building a PLN is an ongoing process ... a Never Ending Story. Take a look at some of your colleagues' portfolios to expand the educators you follow.

You can search for people in Twitter, SlideShare (a Web 2.0 presentation tool), YouTube, and LinkedIn. Follow them in those sites, and then add them to your PLN listing in your portfolio.

Tech Tool Tuesday will focus more on PLNs - we might even have a guest from somewhere far away .... :-)


Tonight is Tech Tool Tuesday. We'll be meeting on the Collaborate site - the link is in the Schedule. I'll be going over some of the Wikispaces tools and a couple of other digital tools.

Please go back into your profile and change your profile name so that it includes your first and last names.
Also, please edit your name in the Team listings to include your last name.

See you tonight.
Dr. Toledo


Welcome to Week 2 ... where the rubber meets the road. Hopefully, you have completed all the reading from last week. Go to Module 1-Week 2 to see your assignment, readings, and multimedia for this week.

Begin talking with your teammates to figure out the direction you want to head for Team Project 1.

Tech Tool Tuesday will take place in Collaborate - check the schedule for the time and link.


I'm glad we finished when we did last night. About 30 minutes later our power went out. I was also able to send everyone an invitation to DropBox. This is an excellent tool for document sharing, cloud storage, and assignment posting. Plus, when you start inviting people and they sign up, you receive an additional 250-500 mg of storage ... all the way up to 16G. If you know that you'll be away from your main computer, but want access to a document from another computer ... OR ... from your phone, just save it to DropBox and access it from those other devices. Download the DropBox software on your phone or iPad and you can work on the documents, too.


Welcome to C&I 579 - Educational Technology. It's a great time to be in education and have so many excellent tools available for free. So we're off for a great adventure.
Check the Announcements for the link to the session from tonight.
Post your questions to the Community Question discussion.
See you all online.