Author Analysis

Choose one book in the field of educational technology, or applicable to ed tech, to analyze in terms of themes, definitions, and approaches.
Sign up on the book page - be sure to follow the directions carefully.

This assessment requires a minimum of 150 pages of reading – sections of a book can be chosen to fulfill the requirement. The final products:

  1. Complete a 4-5-page paper (submitted via GoogleDocs or Scribd - enter the URL or embed the file in your portfolio page)
  2. Create a shortened Pecha Kucha - a 5-minute, 20-slide, 15 seconds/slide presentation using Voice Thread.
    • Example:
    • Drastically limit the text
    • Use pictures
      • You can create your presentation in Power Point and then upload it into VoiceThread or just upload pictures
      • Either way, make sure to add audio to every slide
  3. Peer Review
    • Provide comments on the VoiceThread presentations of 3 individuals who are not in your group
    • Below your VoiceThread on your porfolio page, type in the names of the peers whose Pecha Kuchas you reviewed

Include the following in the final paper:

  1. Title page (does not count in total pages) - use APA style
  2. Basic tenets of the book - the author's perspectives - be thorough, but concise (1-2 pages)
  3. Address the application to education technology as we know it today - you may also include projections for the future (1-2 pages)
  4. An APA reference list and include the pages that you read (does not count in total pages)
  5. Be sure to correctly cite quotes within the body of the paper