Create a blog to reflect on educational technology issues. Go to WordPress or Blogger and create your blog. Post the URL to your blog in the Sharing Profiles page and on your personal portfolio.

You will be writing responses to the blog postings of teachers and educational technology professionals and then reflecting on those interactions in your blog. Use your RSS feeds to find appropriate sites.

This is a two-part assignment:
  1. Respond to the educator on his/her blog.
  2. Copy both the part of the educator's post that sparked your interest and your posted response. Paste both into your blog.
  3. Provide the exact link to the post where we can find your response--be sure to make that link live in your blog.

Be sure to provide a title with the corresponding blog post number (e.g., Blog Post 2) for every post. The focus of the posts must relate in some way to the topics of this course. 100-150 words are expected--this limit will assist you in writing concisely.

Remember, provide a link to your blog in your portfolio and on the Sharing Profiles page.