During the semester, you will be participating in four online discussions. All of the topics will revolve around educational technology issues.
Discussions will take place over a 2-week (M-F) period. Deadlines for initial, second, and third posts can be found on each discussion page.

Socratic Methods

Read through both presentations below on Socratic methods for discussions.


A minimum of three posts is required for each discussion topic (unless otherwise instructed): one reflection in response to the original question/prompt and two responses to your peers' postings.

Read this Google Doc: http://bit.ly/DiscussionInfo carefully before you post.
The rubric can be found at the bottom of the document.

Discussion Team Threads

Due to the number of students in the class, you will be interacting in specific areas on the discussion board. You are free to look at all of the posts, but only post in your team thread.


Take a look at this discussion page for an example of what the team discussion area will look like.


Ice Breaker
Discussion 1
Discussion 2
Discussion 3
Discussion 4